IILP Prize



The International Institute for the Portuguese Language (IILP) awards a prize to the best PhD dissertation in PROPOR 2016:

“Semantic Relation Extraction. Resources, Tools and Strategies”
Marco Garcia
University of Santiago de Compostela
(Supervisor: Pablo Gamallo)


IILP – Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa


The International Institute for Portuguese Language (IILP) is an Institution of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) endowed with scientific administrative and patrimonial autonomy.

The Institute is an instrument for the common management of the Portuguese Language, involving all the member states of the CPLP. It promotes a narrower contact between the countries and their technical teams, allowing the execution of one consensual linguistics policy.

IILP activities are planned according to the general orientations of the Scientific Council, formed by the National Commissions of Member States and of the Standing Consultation Committee of the CPLP.

The Executive Board and the Presidency of the Scientific Council of the IILP have a rotating basis, allowing each country to occupy these positions.