Accepted papers

Short papers

A Construction Grammar Approach for Pronominal Clitics in European Portuguese
Tânia Marques and Katrien Beuls

A Comparative Evaluation of QA Systems over List Questions
Patricia Gonçalves and António Branco

A Model for Textual Entailment Based on Linguistic Rules
Sandro Rigo and Evandro Flores

Automatic Generation of Internet Memes from Portuguese News Titles
Hugo Oliveira, Diogo Costa and Alexandre Pinto

Building a Question-Answering Corpus using Social Media and News Articles
Paulo Cavalin, Flavio Figueiredo, Maira Bayser, Luis Moyano, Heloisa Candello, Ana Appel and Renan Souza

Characterizing Opinion Mining: a Systematic Mapping Study of the Portuguese Language
Ellen Souza, Douglas Vitório, Dayvid Castro, Adriano Oliveira and Cristine Gusmão

Evaluating Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease by Regression and Classification Methods in a Narrative Language Test in Portuguese
Sandra Aluisio, André Cunha and Carolina Scarton

Finding Compositional Rules for Determining the Semantic Orientation of Phrases
António Santos, Carlos Ramos and Nuno Marques

FrameNet-Based Automatic Suggestion of Translation Equivalents
Simone Peron-Corrêa, Alexandre Diniz, Meire Lara, Ely Matos and Tiago Torrent

Improving POS Tagging Across Portuguese Variants with Word Embeddings
Erick Fonseca and Sandra Aluisio

Investigating Machine Learning Approaches for Sentence Compression in Different Application Contexts for Portuguese
Fernando Nóbrega and Thiago Pardo

Joining Forces for Multiword Expression Identification
Leonardo Zilio, Rodrigo Wilkens, Luís Santos, Marco Idiart, Eric Wehrli and Aline Villavicencio

Sentiment Analysis for Brazilian Portuguese over a Skewed Class Corpora
Henrico Brum, Filipe Araujo and Fabio Kepler

The Portuguese B2SG: a semantic test for distributional thesaurus
Rodrigo Wilkens, Leonardo Zilio, Eduaro Ferreira and Aline Villavicencio

Full papers

Analysis of Temporal Adverbial Phrases for Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation
Siyou Liu and Ana Luísa V. Leal

An Automatic Phonetic Aligner for Brazilian Portuguese with a Praat Interface
Gleidson Sousa and Nelson Neto

Applying Lexical-Conceptual Knowledge for Multilingual Multi-Document Summarization
Ariani Di Felippo, Fabrício Tosta and Thiago Pardo

Automatic Classification of the Complexity of Nonfiction Texts in Portuguese for Early School Years
Nathan Hartmann, Livia Cucatto, Danielle Brants and Sandra Aluísio

Automatic Semantic Role Labeling on Non-revised Syntactic Trees of Journalistic Texts
Nathan Hartmann, Magali Duran and Sandra Aluísio

Comparing Approaches for Subjectivity Classification: a Study on Portuguese Tweets
Silvia Moraes

Crawling by Readability Level
Jorge Wagner Filho, Rodrigo Wilkens, Leonardo Zilio, Marco Idiart and Aline Villavicencio

Design and Analysis of a Database to Evaluate Children’s Reading Aloud Performance
Jorge Proença, Dirce Celorico, Carla Lopes, Sales Dias Miguel, Michael Tjalve, Andreas Stolcke, Sara Candeias and Fernando Perdigão

Determining the Level of Clients’ Dissatisfaction from their Commentaries
Ana Forte and Pavel Brazdil

Domain-Specific Hybrid Machine Translation from English to Portuguese
João Rodrigues, Luís Gomes, Steven Neale, Andreia Querido, Nuno Rendeiro, Sanja Štajner, João Silva and António Branco

Entity Linking with Distributional Semantics
Pablo Gamallo and Marcos Garcia

Evaluating Phonetic Spellers for User-generated Content in Brazilian Portuguese
Gustavo Mendonça, Lucas Avanço, Magali Duran, Erick Fonseca, Maria Das Graças Nunes and Sandra Aluísio

Extracting and Mining Open Relations from Portuguese Text
Sandra Collovini, Gabriel Machado and Renata Vieira

Groundwork for the Automatic Creation of a Fuzzy Portuguese Wordnet
Hugo Oliveira

Improving Coreference Resolution with Semantic Knowledge

Evandro Fonseca, Renata Vieira and Aline Vanin

Improving Question-Answering for Portuguese using Triples Extracted from Corpora

Ricardo Rodrigues and Paulo Gomes

Lexical Semantics Annotation for Enriched Portuguese Corpora

Steven Neale, Rita Pereira, João Silva and António Branco

Making a Virtue of Necessity: a Verb Lexicon
Valeria De Paiva, Fabricio Chalub, Livy Real and Alexandre Rademaker

Syntax Deep Explorer
José Correia, Jorge Baptista and Nuno Mamede

Word Embeddings Resources for the Portuguese Language
João Rodrigues, António Branco, Steven Neale and João Silva

Towards a Statistical-enriched Corpus Containing Portuguese Collocations in Use: reviewing possible extraction tools
Ângela Costa and Luísa Coheur

Towards Keyphrase Assignment for Texts in Portuguese Language
Raquel Silveira, Vladia Pinheiro and Vasco Furtado

TOPIE: an Open-source Opinion Mining Pipeline to Analyze Consumers’ Sentiment in Brazilian Portuguese
Ellen Souza, Tiago Alves, Ingryd Teles, Adriano Oliveira and Cristine Gusmão